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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review - Black Pyramid Games Beorn Kin (28mm)

Today's review is of the Black Pyramid Games 'beorn kin' figures. Although they have been out for a few years,  they aren't terribly well known. Currently the range has 3 packs - warriors, a chieftain and a chieftain mounted on a bear. There are more in the pipeline,  including cavalry,  a command pack and a witch. The review will cover the warrior and chieftain packs.

The figures are inspired by the Wendol cannibal cavemen from the film 13th Warrior, and are pretty good matches - down to the bear claw studded clubs and the chief having the horns of power. 

Each pack contained the bits shown, and the correct number of scenic resin bases. The chieftains arms are repeats of those from the warriors pack, but give pretty good verasatility.

The sculpting on the figures is good - not stupendous, but definitely more than adequate for the job and probably comparable to the likes of warlord.

(Speaking of which, the figures in the scale comparisons above are a Warlord standard bearer and a musketeer miniatures spearman. The figures beorn kin warriors are a little larger than the others, with the chieftain larger still.)  

The castings were also pretty good - a few mould lines, but they were all easily removable.  The fit of the seperate arms seems good,  and all seem compatible with all the bodies. 

Time for a few more comparison pictures...

From the left: Eureka, bk, Musketeer, bk, Artizan.

From the left: Artizan, bk, Warlord, bk and Gripping Beast. 

Overall I'm very pleased with the figures, and the 4 warriors for £6 is a good enough price.  The chieftain for £4 is a little steep, but as a one off isn't out the way. I'll definitely be getting some more warriors, and probably the other bits when they come out.  These guys would make for a great,  unique, Saga army!

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