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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Friday, 28 September 2012

Airfix IS-3 Review

I picked up a IS-3 on ebay the other day - I had an idea of using it as a heavy support for my Polish Partizans (I just like the profile of the IS-3. It is an iconic piece of early cold war hardware, and wanted to incorporate it somehow.) 

During the late 40's/early 50's, the USSR supplied Poland with a pair of IS-3 tanks,  but they never saw any service. Instead, they were put on display, presumably as signs of 'Communist Union'. (Here's a picture of one of them in a museum somewhere in Poland...)

Anyway, the thought is that if one of these beasts is sitting on display somewhere, it wouldn't have been too hard for some partizans to 're-purpose' it - I had visions of it being trucked off somewhere for 're-painting', and never coming back, much to the chagrin of the policeman who had stood by and watched it. (This is also partly inspired by one of the factions in Arma II, who have a T-34 from a similar disreputable source...). 

I'm planning to keep the paint scheme similar to the one in the photo, but adding the Polish flag across the front (as opposed to the diamond shaped checks  used on Polish army vehicles) and the 'Solidarity' slogan along the track guards...

Anyway, enough of my plans - on to the review. The kit was fairly simple (67 pieces) and went together quickly and generally fairly easily. Detail was acceptable - infact, perfectly suited for gaming. What was strange was the lack of care in the moulding - the part ID numbers on the track sections were moulded on the visible side, rather than the reverse. It wasn't hard to remove them, but it was just a bit of hassle. The vents on the muzzle of the barrel were completely absent from one side, and there were very visible mould marks. Again, it wasn't too hard to remedy the fact, but it just seemed a pity. 

I'll put pictures up once I've got the paint job sorted...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Elhiem Miniatures Figure Review & Scale comparison

Matt at Elhiem (http://www.elhiemfigures.com/) kindly sent me some sample figures from his cold war ranges so I could see how they match up with everything else - in this case a Soviet RPG operator in body armour, and a BAOR CG trooper. 

The figures look good - mould lines are minimal, there's no flash and casting is crisp. The sculpting standard is very high - the equipment is all distinct, but kept to realistic proportions, and the poses look very natural.

In terms of how they compare size wise, they are a little taller than Platoon 20, Liberation & Combat, but still a fair bit shorter than Under fire. The picture below shows the height of 'standing' figures (I foolishly forgot to include a Liberation model in this, but they will be the same size as P20...)

From the left: Combat/Hotspur, Platoon 20, Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Elhiem, Under Fire

From the Left: Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Elhiem
So there is a slight height variation between 'upright' figures, but if the figures are moving, hunched down (below) the variation is a lot less noticeable... 

From the left: Platoon 20, Elhiem, Liberation, Combat/Hotspur
The major 'give-away' therefore will be in terms of the size of the figures equipment (Ooo-eer!) - RPG-7's & CGs. Unfortunately I can only give comparisons with Platoon 20 in this respect, are the differences are varied. The warhead on the P20 RPG is significantly smaller, but the body of the launcher looks to be about the same size. The Carl Gustavs are about the same length, but the Elhiem version is a little finer...

So.... The verdict. Lovely figures, and they mix relatively well with the others - but not so well I could mix them in squads (and possibly not in platoons...). Definitely looking to get some more in the future, but maybe not masses...

Figure choices for NATO Partisans

This is really more of an addendum to my previous post about partisans, but when it comes to ordering time I'm going to do some thinking about the sort of visual aesthetics I'm going to plum for. Pictures courtesy of the internet - most are of Balkans irregulars and militia....

Realistically, I'm going to be getting the figures from Liberation, as they have the largest range of non-islamic irregulars with long arms (although Platoon 20 & Combat both have a good selection with assorted weapons, for FoF assault/semi-auto rifles are the key). Between their Eastern European, Urban Terror & Multi-purpose ranges there  is a wide selection of figures, from non-uniformed figures in suits with AKs or Steyr Augs through  to the semi- to fully-uniformed figures with all sorts of ChiCom kit. However, what it really boils down to are a couple of sets of sculpts with head and slight weapon/equipment changes. The picture below shows a selection of figures - Iraqis, Serbs, Generic Forage Caps, Fur Hats. Not all the figures are conversions of the same basic dollys, but you can see how many are similar.

In terms of 'small arms' my options are somewhat limited - the AK is king in this respect, and every possible want is catered for, although M16 & SLR/FNFAL armed figures in civilian clothing are available. That makes life pretty easy - the bulk of the figures will be AK armed, with a few FNFAL armed chaps thrown in for flavour (I chose the FN  over the M16 due to the wider number of European users, and hence greater availability). Support weapons will probably also be Warsaw pact in origin, although there are civilians available with M60's, FMAGs, Barret .50 rifles, Milkor Grenade Launchers and Paramilitarys with MG3s. There are also a couple of figures in civy kit with Sterlings and Uzis.

Now it comes down to what head gear I want and what mix of civilian and military clothing.
The AK armed civilian packs (Urban terror) come as bare headed, in hats/caps and in M40 (soviet) helmets. The FN armed pack is just bare headed).
The potentially suitable semi- to fully-military packs (Multi-purpose & Eastern European rebel)  have choices of: Bare headed, M40 helmet, M1 helmet (US WW2), Serb (Yugoslav) helmet, Serb (chetnik) cap, Beret, Forage cap, Bandanna, Balaclava, Forage cap, wool-knit hat & fur hat mix.

I want to use the balaclava heads for the RAF (Red Army Faction, not Royal Air Force in this context!) 'terrorist commandos' for one of the other scenarios, so that rules those out.

I need to figure out how uniform and organised I want these partisans to be.  Are they a scratch formation, scavenging what they can where they can, and thus featuring lots of soviet personal equipment and uniforms,  (option A if you will)?

Or are they a partially equipped 'home guard' formation, with some assorted NATO weaponry and uniform elements, supplemented by some 'liberated' gear (option B)?

Their motives and methods will also effect their look - if they are hit and run raiders, making no attempt to hold territory and using their civilian lives as cover ('1') or if they are attempting to function as a more regular armed force, holding territory and acting more as a regular militia ('2').

A true 'stay behind team' is out of the scope really - and would be better represented by a group of special forces... Something like this guy:

A1 - Primarily Soviet weapons, with mainly civilian clothing. Probably no (or very few) identifying marks such as arm bands. No or limited overt military trappings, as they would prove harder to conceal in the event of a search. AK armed civilian packs: bare headed, in hats/caps; Military packs: Bare headed, Bandanna, wool-knit hat & fur hat mix.

A2 - Primarily Soviet weapons, increasing amounts of (soviet) camo uniforms. Identifying marks such as arm-bands would be popular, for ease of identification during fire fights and to aid in distinguishing friend from foe. They would probably collect items such as helmets and webbing, in an attempt to look more militaristic. AK armed civilian packs: bare headed, M40 helmets; Military packs: Bare headed, Bandanna, M40 helmet, (soviet style) forage cap, wool-knit hat & fur hat mix. Possibly mix in some slightly converted Soviet figures.
This is how I see the Polish Solidarity Partisans...

B1 - Mixed weapons, mix of uniforms. No identifying marks, but there would probably be some homogeneity in camo schemes and the like. There would be no need for helmets, but forage caps or berets might still be used to improve the forces morale and confidence.  AK, SLR & M16 armed civilian packs: bare heads; Military packs: Bare headed, Beret, Forage cap, wool-knit hat.
This is perhaps closer to how I see some of the Partisans and resisters in occupied NATO areas (e.g. West Germany)

B2 - Mixed weapons, mixed uniforms. Identifying marks such as unit badges and arm bands would be favoured, as would helmets and the like. In effect this force resembles an adhoc army or militia unit rather than a partisan organisation.  Military packs: Bare headed, Bandanna, M1 helmet, wool-knit hat, beret, forage cap, M40 helmet & fur hat mix. Possibly mix in some slightly converted Soviet figures, SAS, US special forces and maybe Vietnam Era Australian SAS.

So there is something of a dichotomy in what I'm trying to put together with these figures... I'm going to need to think on this a bit further. I think I'm going to still try to keep up my idea of a core of compatible figures in a mix of head gear (not sure quite what head-gear yet!) and different levels of uniformity.

For the Poles I'll add more soviet kit as well as more eastern European fur hats. Maybe some WW2 soviet partisans (lots of communist countries issued PPSh's to youth movements and militias; so I imagine that the Poles probably had a few as well).

For NATO resisters, add in some more western weapons, berets, camo forage caps, and generally try to keep the figures looking a bit more organised and western (loose the stray helmets, etc)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Combat Miniatures (Ex-Hotspur) size comparison and review

Well, my order just arrived from Stonewall  Figures (http://www.stonewallfigures.co.uk/shop/index.php/page,shop.index2) - I picked up 3 packs from their Combat miniatures:'Urban operations' range - a Old Hotspur miniatures line. These were Anti-Terrorist Squad, Criminals-Terrorists & Plain Clothes Detectives As the pictures on the site aren't the worlds greatest, it was going to be a bit of pot luck, especially given  some of the horror stories I'd heard about the figures being poorly cast.

Well - they aren't up to the same level of casting as Platoon 20, and are a long way off Liberation Miniatures and Under Fire Miniatures. They aren't as bad as some people seem to feel they are either.

There is quite a lot of flash, and a couple of the figures  look like the moulds weren't quite aligned and so there is a slight ridge between halves. But none look too bad, and all the figures should be salvageable without much work.

Sculpting is ok - a little soft on some, quite crisp and detailed on others. In terms of style, it is quite similar to Liberation miniatures.Generally the poses are good, and look pretty natural. The AT squad are bulkier figures than the others, and are of similar build to the 'chunkier' of the Platoon 20 figures.

From the left: Under fire, Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Liberation
From the left: Platoon 20, Liberation, Combat/Hotspur, Combat/Hotspur

The verdict is: Good enough. I'd definitely buy some more of the figures, but I wouldn't make Combat my primary  source. They have some interesting models (e.g. British Infantry in Internal Security gear, riot cops, etc) but if I could get the stuff from Liberation or Platoon 20, I'd probably go to them in preference.

Special Forces advisors?

Whilst I was browsing for pictures of Balklans militia for the partisans thread, I stumbled across this picture. As far as I can tell, he's just another militiaman, but I thought the photo has a certain something, so I might be using it as insperation for some special forces advisors supporting my partisans at some point in the future. Up until this point, I had been thinking of getting some SAS (Falklands era, and possibly converting some as suggested by Piers in this article: http://ambushalleygames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=823&view=next) but now I'm possibly think of maybe using some Grenada era US Special ops types...

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NATO Partisans/Resistance - Musings

Some of the scenarios in FoF CWGH deal with anti-soviet irregulars - Polish 'Solidarity' Partisans, NATO trained stay-behind forces, the Badgers! (think Red Dawn 'Wolverines!', but without copyright infringements or Patrick Swayze...). This set me thinking tat there is plenty of scope to modify 'insurgent'/asymetric scenarios to cover Soviets vs Partisans, rather than USMC vs Iraqis, etc.

With that in mind, I had a look at this article about starting FoF, as it had a recommendation of the minimum number of 'insurgents' that a game really needs - http://smallscaleoperations.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/wargaming-moderns-guide-to-start-force.html

Which, at 40+ basic infantry, along with another 30 or so support figures is actually quite a lot. With that many, I'm going to need some sort of cohesive element to hold the figures together visually.

When I was initially thinking of just doing a few Poles (may 30 in total, which would have been a bit on the excessive side for the scenarios as written) it was going to be fairly straight forward - effectively take the visual elements of the WW2 Polish Home Army/Warsaw uprisers, switch the German stuff to Soviet and call it quits

This would create a very strong visual impression on the table with its mix of military and civilian equipment, and had a very obvious linking colour scheme (the polish flag - warn as arm bands, helmet stripes, etc; and only use a couple of  soviet camo schemes). As NATO supports the Solidarity Partisans by dropping Paras, I could also mix in some FNFAL/SLRs, M16s & NATO camo schemes if I wanted to strengthen this impression.

Which would be great - but also a bit limiting in terms of general applicability (I couldn't use them in West Germany for example!) My next thought was the possibility of a more 'generic' identifying arm band - maybe plain white (like some of the rebels in Georgia in 2008):

It also dawned on me that these scenarios would only be taking place a few years before the break up of Yugoslavia, and that perhaps some of the Balklans war pictures and the like might be useful. As a rule it  seems to be units either wore big and/or bright arm patches :

Or no obvious  identifier at all (which was a cause of some of the problems from what I recall):

I think the arm patches look too 'paramilitary militia' for my Partisans, and I think not having any identifier might make them look to disparate when on the table, especially as some will be in capture soviet uniforms, with helmets etc... 

So where does that leave me...?!? 

I think a mix of coloured arm bands and no identifiers might be the way to go. I may do a few particularly Polish/eastern European looking guys with Polish flags, and if/as/when Liberation release their pack of militia with G3s, I could do them with German flag armbands. Realistically though, I want the vast majority of figures to have the same arm band colour and I'll just add a few more guys in fur hats when they are being polish, or a few more with M16s and M60s if they are being Badgers.

So what colour to go for - after a quick think, it came down to white, yellow, blue or red. I had a couple  of minutes spare before work, so I quickly had a test run on a couple of WiP figures I had lying around... (these aren't the finish items - I'll touch up the figures later as I finish off the rest of the paintjobs)

I'm not  convinced by the white - I think it looks too much like bandages(?), and I don't think the blue works either, although I'm ot sure of the reason. That leaves goldy yellow or red. I like the look of both - although I'm not sure if they don't both look a bit 'Volksstrum'. I'm also aware that as they'll be fighting 'reds' (in this case Soviets and Warsaw pact), yellow might be a better colour?  Anyone else have any thoughts? 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Liberation Miniatures - Review and height comparison

I bought a 1/2 pack of Liberation miniatures armed civillians from Pumpkin models on eBay.

Initial impressions are good - the figures were very clean castings, with good detailing and proportions. My only (slightly ambivalent) comment is that the heads look very similar (in terms of hair-style, etc); but at this scale it shouldn't make any difference. 

The figures are equipment light - only 1 has any sort of webbing (a Chi-Com or soviet style magazine bag). Clothing wise, there is one guy in trousers and shirt, and 3 in 'suits'. I say suits as they are wearing trousers and jackets - although they aren't wearing shirt collars, so it should be possible to get away with painting them as separate 'everyday' jackets.

Height wise they match up really nicely with Platoon 20, especially the slightly smaller figures... the photo below shows 2 of the figures  (unpainted) with Under Fire (unpainted far left) and Platoon 20 (part-painted))

From the left: Under Fire, Platoon 20, Liberation, Platoon 20, Liberation. Platoon 20
Definitely planning to get more from this range in the future!

Friday, 21 September 2012

HLBS 36mm/40mm/1:48th catalogue

Richard at HLBS was kind enough to send me a copy of his old catalogue so I could keep track of what I had acquired, and I thought I'd share it with the world at large!

4 figures per pack unless otherwise stated. £6.00 Per Pack.
U.S Army
US1.       Infantry/Airborne/Marines Four man fire team armed with 2 M16A2, S.A.W. M16/M203.
US2.       Infantry/Airborne/Marines as US1
US3        US M60 team 2 figures, lying down firing & advancing £3.50
US4.       Rangers. Caps Four-man patrol armed with 2 M16A2, S.A.W. M16/M203
US5.       Rangers. Buildings Clearance Team MOUT
US6.       Tank Crew
US7.       Special Forces. Four-man patrol team armed with M16A2, CAR 15, and S.A.W. M16/M203
US8        U.S.M.C. Embassy Guards
US9.       Snipers. Four men armed with 2 M21, PSG 1, and M82A1 Barrett .50 Cal.
US10.     Navy SEALS SEAL team 1
US11      Seal Team2 fleece jackets 1 M4, 1 M16/M203. 1 silenced pistol
US13.     10th Mountain. Four man fire team wearing PASGT webbing vests. 2 M16, M16/M203, S.A.W.
US14      US Infantry combat poses, 2 firing M4, 1 firing M16/M203 & 1 reloading M4
US15      AFSOC STS downed pilot rescue team
US16      Delta 2 “Cold desert” outfits
US18      Navy SEALS beach recon SCUBA gear armed with M4 carbines
US18a    Navy SEALS beach recon SCUBA gear armed with MP5’s
US20.     160th Special Operations Aviation battalion (Night Stalkers)
US21.     Light infantry with cross-country motorbikes. 2 figures 2 bikes
US22.     Light infantry riding cross-country motorbikes.
US23.     Rangers MOUT with cross-country motorbikes.
US24.     Rangers MOUT riding cross-country motorbikes.

BR1.       Infantry in Smocks, Four Man half section armed with 3 SA80, 1 LSW.
BR2.       Infantry Combat jackets, Four-man half section armed as BR1.
BR3        Infantry in combat 2 firing SA80, 1 reloading SA80 & 1 advancing with LSW
BR4.       1 Para. Four man patrol with 3 SA80, 1 LSW
BR5        CVR (T) Tank crew, 2 ¾ figures, 1 full figure w/ jerry can, 1 ½ figure driver. 5 separate heads
BR6.       SBS Four man Patrol team, armed with L85A1Sniper rifle, M16/M203, S.A.W. M16A2
BR7.       SAS Four man patrol, armed with M16, CAR 15, M16/M203, and S.A.W.
BR8.       SAS. Desert. Bare headed
BR8a     SAS . Desert Arab headdress.
BR9.       SAS. Anti Terrorist. Ski Masks.
BR10     SAS. Anti Terrorist. Gas Masks.
BR11     Gurkha Recce.  M16A2, 3 with CAR15.
BR12     Snipers 4 man team in Ghillie suits 2 with L96              £6.50
BR13     SBS with Kayak 2 half figures rowing, 1 waterline Klepper canoe. 4 Equipment panniers.
BR14     SAS Landrover crew.  Temperate dress. 3 seated figures. 
BR15     SAS Landrover crew. Desert. In Arab head dress.
BR16     Mountain & Arctic cadre
BR17     Gimpy team 2 figures 1 firing 1 advancing                    £3.50
BR19     SBS 2 cold weather/ high altitudes 4 figures in a variety of cold weather gear.
BR20     SBS with Kayak II. 2 half figures 1 rowing, 1 with MP5SD6, 1 Waterline Kayak. 4 Equipment panniers
BR26     Infantry with cross-country motorbikes
BR27     Infantry riding cross-country motorbikes
BR28     SAS with cross-country motorbikes
BR29     SAS riding cross-country motorbikes
BR30     SAS (desert) with cross-country motorbikes
BR31     SAS (desert) riding cross-country motorbikes
BR32     Gurkha Recce command M16A2, Sterling S.M.G. SA80 & LSW
RU1        Motor Rifle troops
RU3        VDV airborne
RU4        VDV airborne Cold weather gear with 1 AK74, 1 AK74 W/Grenade Launcher,
1 Dragunov SVD, 1 RPK 74 MG
RU5        Spetsnaz
RU6        Spetsnaz, Grozny 2 AK74 W/Grenade launcher, 1 Pump action shotgun, and 1 silenced AKR
RU7        NVD Interior Ministry troops Grozny 2 AK74, 1 AK74 w/ Grenade launcher, and 1 PKM MG
RU8        Naval Infantry
 RU9        NVD/ Spetsnaz, Anti-blast helmets 2 AK74, 1 AK74 W/ Grenade launcher,
1 BA 9mm silenced sniping rifle
RU10     Spetsnaz cold weather gear
RU13     Tank crew
RU18     VDV Rescue

PO1        18th Air Assault Battalion

FR1        Infantry/Foreign Legion 3x FAMAS, 1x SAW
FR2        Infantry/Foreign Legion 3x FAMAS, 1x SAW
FR3        Les Paras 1st RPIMa
FR4        Les Paras 1st RPIMa
FR8        Snipers                                                   £6.50
FR9        13th RDG                                               £7.00
FR10      Resco. Airborne rescue team
FR11      Infantry with L.M.G.s

GE1        Kampfschwimmer (combat diver) Recce .     MP5A5x2, PSG1, H&K 13.

TA1        Soldiers/ Militia.   1x AK74, 1x AKS, 1x Dragunov, 1MG3       
TA2        Soldiers/ Militia    1x G3, 1xAK74, 2xAK74 W/ Grenade launcher.
TA3        Soldiers/ Militia with RPG
TA4        120mm mortar and crew (2)
TA5        12.7mm MG and crew (2)

Central European militia/troops
CM1       Guards
CM2       Patrolling
CM3       Guards with dogs.
CM5       Sleeping & resting 3 figures with a sofa & armchair.
CM8       Guards keeping warm
CM10    Officers in conversation 3 figures with table.
CM11    Guards with L.M.G.’s
CM12    Guards with R.P.G.
CM13    Militia Special Forces.
CM14    120mm mortar and crew (2)
CM15    12.7mm MG and crew (2)

African troops
AF1        African Regulars
AF2        African Irregulars
AF3        Mercenaries
AF4        Boy soldiers
AF5        African Regulars II
AF6        African Irregulars II
AF7        African Command
AF8        120mm mortar and crew (2)
AF9        12.7mm MG and crew (2)

Urban Guerrillas
UG1        European designer Guerrillas
UG2        Militants in ski masks
UG3        Middle Eastern Guerrillas
UG4        Middle Eastern Guerrillas II

Law Enforcement
LE1        US Cops
LE2        Undercover cops or armed perps
LE3        US security and VIP

Accessories £4.95 per pack unless otherwise stated
AC1        2 Full hull Klepper canoes
AC2        4 Motorbikes
AC11     15 British Bergen rucksacks             
AC12     15 US ALICE packs 5 Medium combat, 5 large combat, and 5 large field pack
AC13     10 SAS Bergans

Thursday, 20 September 2012

More from the painting desk? More you say? 20mm & 28mm...

So, we had an evening in the hobby room last night and I managd to get a bit more done...

Foundry Russian Orthodox priest for my EotD Cossacks. This guy looks a lot more 'worldly' than the TAG one, and perhaps not fitting for fighting vampires and werewolves! Another one I've push on with, and I'm actually quite pleased with how he came out. Not perfect, but he'll do!

More for the BritApoc games - the guys with AKs are from TAG and will go to which ever factions need them, the Policeman is Killer Bee with added riot shield (no idea what colour to do the small 'snatch' shields, as I can only find black and white pictures, which show them as 'dark') and the Triffid is from the very-OOP QRF 'Genocide' range. I have got some more somewhere, I just can't remember where! Which is a pity, as they are dead ringers for the ones from the 80's BBC series...

The first section & a bit from my (Platoon 20) Soviet Motor Rifles - the next section is in base coat, and should see quite a lot of attention this evening. As an aside, I had 4 figures (armed civilians) through from Liberation this morning, and they should fit in very nicely with the P-20 range. Infact, they might need plasticard boosters, as although the figures are slightly taller, their bases are thinner... I just need to order some more Soviets to will out the platoon (and get them some more transports)! 

Under fire miniatures - a review

The second of my '20mm' samplers came today - 2 figures from 'Under Fire Miniatures' (http://www.underfireminiatures.com/). They are a Rhodesian RLI rifleman, and a ZANLA terrorist. The figures are shown below along with a selection of  Platoon 20 figures (including one of the shorter figures from P-B1, on his plasticard booster)

The first and most obvious difference is height, and sculpting style. Whilst the Platoon 20 figures are '1:76th'. with a 'wargames' chunky build, the Under fire figures are 1/72nd scale, with a realistic build. The details are very cleanly sculpted, and more 'inscale' /less pronounced than the Platoon 20 equivalents. The weapons in particular are very fine, and I have slight concern over how robust they will be. 

The quality of the castings is very good - they have minimal mould lines, and no flash/metal fluff anywhere. 

Overall, I'm very impressed - certainly if I was doing modern Africa in 20mm rather than 28mm,  these guys would be very strong contenders. As it is, they aren't going to be suitable for my planned use as Anti-Soviet partisans/NATO stay-behind forces.

John (he of cracking African scenery fame) was talking about this range the other day - I'll probably pass one onto him to see what he thinks of them 'in the flesh', and if he gets around to painting to it I'll post some pics up so folks can see how they look. The other I'll keep hold of for use in other size comparison pictures...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fresh from the painting desk!

Lest folks think I've just been working on 20mm moderns, here's some of the other stuff I've put out in the last couple of weeks:

3 Westwind WulfenJagers for EotD - I lost momentum on these guys a while back, but pushed on and got them finished. Still not entirely happy, but better to have them done than not...

A converted TAG militiaman (I swapped his MP5 for an SLR) and a Musketeer Workers Militia figure. These guys are both for BritApoc - no particular faction in mind, but perhaps one of the more organised ones given the berets and webbing....

A werewolf for the Wolfenjagers to hunt...! Think this was a Team Frog figure, but I picked it up so long ago I can't honestly remember. I had originally painted him, but was never very happy - so he got a repaint when I did the other EotD weres and wolves, and now I'm much happier!

2 more BritApoc figures - the Lewis gunner is a Musketeer militiaman, whilst the chap with the shotgun is artizan. The Lewis gun should be fairly ancient, and I was tempted to give it a rust wash, but I didn't want it to look too extreme... (I have also got photos of a Lewis being used in the Balkans in the early 90's, and although it is quite dark/dirty, it isn't rusty...) The helmet was another thing which almost got rusted up, but I decided that someone must have repainted it either during the troubles on the End. Not too much to say about the Artizan figure - other than the barrels of his shotgun have broken a few times now... Again, no real plans on where/who these guys are going to be attached to yet...