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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Some Uniforms, Flags and vehicle markings of Chernarus

Although I gave folks a couple of links to background fluff/visuals for the Cernarus setting, I thought I'd collate a bit more info/original insperation for the Fictional Forces:

Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ - prounounced "Chedaki")


Assorted uniforms:
The ChDKZ  unsuprisingly has no set uniform, although they do have relatively good supplies of ex-soviet camoflague patterns and have recently suceeded in obtaining quantities of the russian 'Urban Reed'  pattern. Additionally, the occasional Ex-NATO pattern turns, usually bought from army surplus suppliers. Webbing is a similarly adhoc affair. Most fighters wear red patches on their upper shoulders to differentiate themselves from irregular fighters from NaPa and the CMB. 

Vehicles Types & Camo: As a general comment, vehicles are often ex-CDF (although some vehiclesh ave been bought of the blck market, these are often old and generally in short supply), with additional 'spray-can' camo and redm arkings to destinguish their new ownership. A black circle with containing a red star, the ChDKZ 'emblem' and red stars with out surroundings are comonly used, as is a red cross over the turret. The use of improvised vehicles by the ChDKZ has also been reported, and a full report will be compiled at some stage

Chernarus Defence Force (CDF)

Flag of Chernarus:

New Style CDF uniform:
The uniform was introduced to replace the older soviet-era fatigues which Chernarus had been using post independance, and which for many are strongly associated with the Civil war. Currently based on the Swiss alpenflage, the camo does works well enough in Chernarus' varied terrain, however plans are afoot to introduce an alternative scheme, based primarily on browns, but this is still at the design/acceptance stage.

Vehicles Types & Camo:

Nationalist Party of Chernarus (NaPa):,/b.


Assorted uniforms:
NaPa have limited supply chains, and whilst the ChDKZ can atleast put the vast majority of it's fighters into the field in some sort of camo gear, NaPa lag behind. Fighters wear what ever they can get hold of - often army surplus from neighbouring countries - and make up the rest with civillian gear. The main identifying features of NaPa guerillas is their prefernce for face coverings to preserve anonimity when they return to their day jobs. The same limited supply lines apply to NaPa's armamaents, and as such a much wider mix of small arms is seen compared to some of the other Milita groups operating in South Zagoria.

Vehicles Types & Camo:
The T-34 shown in the picture was 'liberated' from a museum, but NaPa are known to have several which they have reconditioned from various monuments. NaPa's infrastructral limitations have enforced a more covert level of work, and their limited AFV resources match this.

Chernarussian Muslim Brotherhood (CMB):

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