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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Monday, 25 June 2012

Some finished stuff (awaiting basing!)

Here's a round-up of the last couple of weeks painting (a WiP thread will follow shortly) - as usual, these quick snaps are all before basing, and I'm not sure when I'll get around to actually doing the basing as I've a few different sorts (Arid grassland, Carpathian, Scrubby grass) to get on with...

Saxon Fyrd (Spear element) - Fairly standard selection of low-to-middle class (the swordsmen with the red trimmed cyrtle) warriors. The figure lunging forwards has just hurled a javelin at the opposing shieldwall

Upper Class Saxon Warriors/Thegns (Blade) - A bit of a hodge-podge of figures. The helmets with cheek pieces are from the 7th-8th Century, whilst the long chain Byrnie is a later edition (late 900's; whilst the addition of a slit in the Byrnie is later still) 

Assorted retro-types - The guys in suits will probably end up in Africa; the brown suited guy as a hostage/diplomat/general-objective-marker and the black suited gunman as either a Tangan Intelligence operative, police bodyguard or something of that ilk. The leather  jacketed older guy will be joining one of my BritApoc warbands (Not well enough equipped to be a trader's guard, this guy will probably be a village militia-man or possibly an aged raider) 

Mortal Engines: Pre-traction era Nothern Nomads - These figures are all flights of fancy. The figures with the Red-starred shields are 'Rus' (a people that only vague reference is made to, and no details given). The green painted helmets and red-star-on-green-background are both references, of course, to the USSR; as is the brown leather armour (although it is somewhat less obvious). I imagine that these will be low grade warriors, probably formed up into large units (and possible supported by a few arquebuses/muskets and crossbows as either integrated support - ECW style - or as separate units. I was thinking of using some of the new Empire plastic hand gunners to provide the firearms) and thrown against the enemy's warriors whilst the main power will be Druhuzina style heavy cavalry. Or something like that anyway. The chap with the carbine has been done as some sort of north-country trader/old-tech scavenger (hence the grenade), who will probably be used as a independent character.   

Frontiersman - a Boot Hill miniatures frontiersmen (mounted and dismounted). not too much to say about this chap, although I guess he could be used in the WoME as well as on the Old Western Frontier.

Uniformed Mercenaries - A selection of conversions of Warlord games USMC with MoFo heads, and a Britannia figure with M2 carbine. These guys are a bit of a hodge-podge, with bits painted at different times, and so don't gel as well as they could have  done. The bazooka team is mentioned  in Mike Hoare's 'Congo Mercenary', and I thought my guys might need a bit of extra firepower....

NaPa Gunman - Another masked thug, although this guy looks a bit higher up the echelons. He's a converted HLBS Kampfschwimmer (the last of the set), with and added face scarf. His MP5 has been bought off the black market, as has his generic webbing. the trousers  are civilian, whilst his combat jacket used to belong to a Russian invader...

Chernarus Statue - Not much to say about this. It started out as not very detailed and only moderately authentic Anglo-Saxon Huscarl. I added the moustache as with that addition, the rest of the details could pass as Rus. He's been painted as the sort of patriotic/nationalisitc statue which seems popular in Eastern Europe (certainly they were popular in Kyiv - there was no shortage of statues of city founders, cossack hetmen and long dead Russian saints).I added an information board (with portrait and map as well as text), and a concrete base.

London Mob - I originally started these figures with the thought of using them in WoME as thugs working for Ted Swiney or maybe as Skinners, then EotD took my interest and I thought they'd have potential for that as well. All the figures are from Brigade Games, and I had originally purchased them for use with my early west stuff (being intended for the 1840's 'Gangs of New York' type games) but decided that they looked far to 'urban' to be facing Injuns and Mexicans out west.

A few bits to start feeding my EotD interests - The chap in the green coat started life as West Wind Sleep Hollow Militiaman, and I've tried to update him a bit by cutting off the frilly cuffs and pony-tail. I've tried to make him look like a Ruitanian/Zendarian/Transylvanian/etc Wolfenjager, with a muzzle loader (easier to make silver shot of the right calibre and load it up) and slightly old fashioned clothes (which should bring him inline with the 'proper' West Wind Wolfenjager). The Plague Revenant (zombie) is a conversion of a CFM 'Jim Bowie' figure, with his knife removed and replaced with a GW zombie hand. It's too big, but after a little work hopefully it doesn't show too badly. I tried to make it look like he'd been bitten on his side, then returned home to rest/heal before succumbing to the disease as he tried to finish himself (hence the pistol and lack of dress)

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