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Saturday, 2 June 2012

World of Mortal Engines HoTT army lists

Here are the World of Mortal Engines Army Lists for 'Hordes of the Things' I mentioned the other day. They are all vvrey rough and ready, but hopefully if aanyone else is thinking of going down this route it'l atleast let them see what some one else had thought of:

Pre-Movement London
'Trained band’ militia (Red velvet coats, black leather helmets and muskets)- Shooters
Rioting rabble – hordes
Cannons – artillery
Paper-Boys - sneakers
Old tech – God
Engineers - cleric

Early Movement
Stalkers - blades or paladins
Monowheels – Riders
Land-ships - behemoths
Gun forts - artillery
Warriors – Warband(br/> Technomancer - Magician

Quercus’ London
Stalkers - Blades or paladins
Monowheels – Riders
Land-ships – behemoths
Traction-forts - Artillery
Soldiers – Shooters and/or spear
Engineer- Cleric
Copper-tops - hordes/shooters
Old tech - God

Northern/Nomad Alliance
Mammoths - behemoths
Campavans - riders
Soumi shield walls (behind moving pavaises) – spearmen<>br/> Technomancer – Magician
Cannon – Artillery
Arkhangelsk warriors – warband
Rogue Movement soldiers – shooters or spear
Rogue Movement stalkers- blades
London underground resistance - sneakers

Any side can have heroes...
Other possible ideas (made up, or based off ideas made from suggestions): Nomad war-wolves – beasts (extrapolations)
Nomad light cavalry – riders (extrapolations)
Nomad heavy cavalry – knights (extrapolations)
Nomad spear & musket blocks – spear or shooter (based off descriptions of regimented units at 3 dry ships, but unknown which facton they belong to. Maybe Soumi or Rus?)
Caledon (scots) warriors – warband and shooters

And some very brief ideas for later, 'Predator cities' era games: Treat later period airship as airboats and/or dragons depending to role.

Londoners - (Police with crossbows as shooters, Beef eaters as shooters or blades, Valentine as a anti-hero, airship as an airboat, engineers with weird weapons, Basic Stalkers as blades or paladins)
Anti-Traction League - (Airships as airb oats or dragons, agents as sneakers and lurkers, not sure what elese could be added. Maybe warband for ATL fighters and opperatives)
Green Storm – For soldiers/commandoes - shooters, Stallkers - Blades (less refined than early period, but still dangerous), modified stalkers as beasts/artillery/etc. Flyers for stalker birds and air boats for airships.
Air pirates &/or Huntsmen of Arkangel - lots of warband & airships?
Lost boys - Sneakers, lurkers, behemoth for a limpet, warband for actual lost boy snatch teams.

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