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Monday, 19 November 2012

More for Malaya

Another bit of a Malayan Emergency update - whilst rummaging through the internet for photo inspiration  I came across this sub-section of the IWM site, which had some I haven't come across before:

I was also wondering about adding more variety to the British by using Warlord Chindits (with separate heads) and using some of the Gripping Beast/MoFo separate heads (Boonie jungle hats and berets*) to make a few more useful types, including a flame thrower (there's footage of one in use in the IWM link - see, there's method to my madness!). The figures will need a little work - possibly trying to modify the SMLE to the jungle-carbine version (I think TAG do one, along with M1 carbines & Browning auto 5 shotguns), converting the boots and puttees into jungle boots  and slight modification to the neck to enable a good fit to be made with the head (something which I have done on the figures before - in that case to make Congo Mercenaries - http://xanderswargamingmusings.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/some-finished-stuff-awaiting-basing.html)

*From what I've seen, the only people to actually wear berets in Malaya whilst on active service were the Marines, and even then it isn't particularly common.... but it does look good!.

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  1. Some interesting pics thank for pointing this out mate.