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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Plans - 20mm Cold War

Well, my last few 'Plan' updates have very much been talking about projects I'm hoping to start in the near future - but what about those I'm already working on?

I currently have about all the NATO partisans I'll need (+/- a few bits for special scenarios), about a platoon of British Paras (I say about as although I should have  ordered more  than enough, I'll not be able to confirm that I've got everything  need until I actually get around to laying them all out), assorted SAS/delta force types and a full platoon of Soviet motor rifles (either BMP or BTR transports, and not far off fulfilling a second platoon's worth of Infantry - think I only need another 10 or so assorted figures. I'll probably also get enough BMPs to make them fully mobile - so that'll be 4, including one for the company commander).

When various things in the post/Christmas present pile turn up, I should then be able to add to the list:
10x T72
2xNVA squads + Platoon Command
2xNBC kitted Soviet Squads
A few more Soviet support weapons
2x Scorpion/Scimitar Tanks
& 2x Chieftains

What else is planned after I get that lot painted (I had originally planned to give all the different WarPact forces their own armoured vehicles, but I think I'm just going to paint most of them in a relatively generic manner to save on significant duplication.... ?

Soviet Motor Rifles - Nothing! These guys should be pretty much complete, baring a few scenario specific bits (a Shilka, a couple of staff officers and a command truck/BTR/BMP)

Soviet VDV - I'd ideally like a platoon's worth (3 squads & a command team), possibly with a couple of support assets (BMD-1s, etc)

Soviet Spetsnatz - There are a few FoF scenarios where Spetsnatz are needed, and I'm torn between just using the VDV guys (above) along with a few conversions, or trying to make a force (maybe jump helmets and camo face-paint? I've always been influenced by the Spetsnatz guys in Operation flashpoint, like the in the picture). There would only be 15-20 of them in total... Another scenario also calls for 'Red Army Faction' terorrosits, so I'll get a couple of packs of Liberation 'generics in balaklavas' and they may get a couple of RPKs/RPGs to make them more versatile for other scenarios in the future

Polish Army - The Poles feature heavily in the FoF scenarios, but unfortunately there aren't any particularly suitable figures in existence! Liberation have just released some Polish Marines, and Rolf has said he'll do some in Infantry helmets (like the ones above) at some point, so these'll have to wait. As and when they come out, I'll be looking at maybe 3-5 squads. They'll also need some (3-5) T-55s, but these will come from the 'Motor Pool - and be shared with the East Germans...
There are some rebel Polish units in the scenarios, so I'll get an extra squad or two and give them the red partisan arm bands (and maybe helmet stripes)

DDR NVA (+  Worker's combat teams) - I want to get another squad of NVA, as well as a few special weapons to 'flesh out' the squads (depending on which unit they are in), as well as hopefully being able to convert a few AGI 3x40 (in the photo above!). Scenarios give them an impressive range of kit - BMP1s (sorted), T72s (sorted), 7 T55s (which will overlap nicely with the poles) and some BTR-60's (I'll get the open topped early versions, as I think they look cooler, and will add some variety). I also want to get a couple of squads of 'Workers Combat teams' which I'll mount in trucks. These civilian militia should make for an interesting looking unit on table (PPSh41s & AK47s, in overalls, caps and DDR helmets - see below) and will probably come in handy for TW2K games as well...

Soviet Navy -  One of the FoF scenarios uses the crew of a Russian submarine, so I'll pick up a few Naval Infantry (Liberation do some in life vests) or maybe substitute in some WW2 Soviet Sailors. The photo below shows some sailors manning a coastal defence gun, so you can see the look I'm after..

Soviet 2nd/3rd line/Mobilisation Forces - I do fancy doing some Soviet 'reserve' forces at some point, although these will probably be more TW2K than CWGH. These reserve troops will have older kit and a few obsolete vehicles. The lower don the food chain, the more obsolete stuff gets. So 2nd/3rd line troops will probably be using T-62s or maybe T-55s and BTR-60s from the DDR forces. I'm not sure how obsolete we are talking for 'Mobilisation' forces - I'm aiming for an excuse to get a mix of troops in Trucks and BTR-152s/40's and hopefully IS-3's or T-34/85s as armoured support. Not sure whether to use troops in the 'traditional' brown uniform (see below), or possibly the Liberation 'Generic' figures in soviet helmet as they are slightly less uniform (but are primarily wearing Chinese style chest rigs...)

British Paras - Pretty much all sorted now I think, I'll be substituting these for the US Airbourne in the CWGH Polish Scenarios. The only additions I can think of will be another Bren, and I may need a figure or two to finish off the Platoon HQ. I may also get some Milans & lightweight (airmobile) landies, just to add some extra punch and versatility.

British Army - I'm planning to substitute the BAOR for most of the scenarios using the US army in the CWGH scenario book, the only problem is it isn't necessarily an exact swap. Where the Yanks are equipped with an M60 & M203 per 3 man squad, with a couple of 'Dragon' ATGWs in the platoon HQ and go mounted in Bradley IFVs, the Brits Have a GPMG (& possibly a CG) per squad, a CG in the platoon HQ (if not in the squads) and are mounted in FV432 (or, if/when they break down, an FV432, a Bedford, a landrover and the Sgt's Volvo estate...) Trading off the slightly more effective Dragon for an extra CG isn't too much of a compromise - the big one is the FV432 vs the Bradley. I haven't decided yet whether to go for the 'The FVs are broken down... again/Use what you can get 'soft-skin' approach and give the troops a couple of scorpion/Scimitar light tanks instead, or maybe just try to tack on an extra Milan team or something to make up for the loss of the Bradley's TOW system. Whatever way, these guys will be in reinforced Platoon strength, and I'll be getting 4 Challenger I's to replace the M1 Abrams in the missions details.

Bundeswher - The Bundeswher get a couple of scenarios in CWGH, and should be useful for TW2K too. I'm currently looking at A platoon in Marder 1A2a (although I'm tempted to swap for M113s, but I don't think anyone does the Bundeswher version in 1/72... that said, its not THAT different, so I might be able to 'fake' it) as well as a pair of Leopard 1A5s. I want to add a Luchs scout car (or maybe the M48A2G2 which was in use before hand... or maybe both :) )

Canadians - After reading First Clash, I want to get some Canadians, although they don't fit into any of the scenario's particularly well I might use them as substitutes for the Dutch. Up until very recently, there weren't any figures available, but luckily elheim have released a pack (the first of many I hope!). They'll have a platoon of infantry mounted in M113s, a couple of 'C1' Leopards (1A3 variants) and if I can find them, Lynx scout carriers.

NATO Partisans - Again, all sorted bar a few slight 'tweaks' and minor additions for scenarios. The only things I can think of might be a captured Soviet 14.5mm AAHMG, and maybe some gun crew.

SAS/Delta - And another one effectively sorted, although I still need to get a SAS Milan team at some stage...!

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