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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Painting Super Update (28mm) - WinterApoc figures & markers

Please forgive the lack of commentry on these - but as you can see, there are a lot of them! The first couple of pictures are assorted markers and scatter scenery; then a block of all my survivors thus far (as well as a few feral dogs and escapee wolves) - the majority are conversions, but a few of them are stock. Figures from Offensive, Brigade, Killer B, Foundry, TAG, Hasslefree, Hetzerdog, Dixon, Acheson design, BTD, Tiger, SMM, Megaminis, MoFo & Urban Beat. Dogs by Tiger & Brittania. Wolves by WestWind & Alternative Armies
 The cultists I've shown before, but for the sake of completeness I thought I'd show them with their new bases... 


  1. These all look great, especially all the conversions i've spotted.

  2. That's quite the collection. I hope we'll see some game report with these soon...?

    1. I hope so too Tim - although, there was a linky to a AAR in one of my other posts from today... I just can't remember which one... :-/

    2. Oh! I found it! Fun stuff!

      (I guess I was too busy looking at the pictures to notice it earlier!)

  3. Great figures, conversions and terrain. Looks like you will be set for a few games.