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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

HLBS 36mm/40nn/1:48th 'HEAT' modern crime range list

Richard at HLBS was kind enough to end me the original catalogue listings for the Heat 40mm modern crime range he used to produce, and I thought I'd pop it up here as an appendix to previous catalogue post

"40mm Police and Criminals range.
PC1        S.W.A.T. 6 multi-part figures with separate heads, torsos and legs. MP5, M4, M8 Shotgun and M24 sniper rifle. £14.00
PC2        S.W.A.T. 6 multi-part figures with separate heads, torsos and legs. G36, M8
Shotgun and M24 sniper rifle.           £14.00
PCS        SW1 & 2 Deal both sets     £25.00
PC3        Neil         £2.50
PC4        Chris       £2.50
PC5        Michael £2.50
PC6        Tony      £2.50
PC7        Tony#2 £2.50

Other useful figures that are compatible with this range.

Urban Guerrillas

UG1        European designer Guerrillas             £6.00
UG2        Militants in ski masks         £6.00

Law Enforcement

LE1        US Cops                £6.00
LE2        Undercover cops or armed perps      £6.00
LE3        US security and VIP                                            £6.00

CIA/FBI/Undercover cops                                              

US27      3rd Special forces group/CIA civvies gear       £6.00     

The great thing about 40mm is the amount of 1/48th scale models that are available to use in games. O gauge in model railways are actually 1/48th scale, so buildings and street furniture are quite easy to obtain. Also because the figures are on bases making them a little taller on the ground 1/43rd diecast vehicles don’t look out of place either.

Useful websites

www.wholesaletrains.com large range of “O” Gauge buildings and street furniture stocked
www.ashevillediecast.com stockists of 1/43rd diecast cars such as GEARBOX police cars NEWRAY trucks amongst others

www.policecarmodels.com Stockists of 1/43rd diecast police cars and decals"

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