Wargaming Musings?

I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Goodbye thesis - hello hobby time

Just a  quick note to say that I  have  finally  finished my PhD  thesis, and  that it has been submitted,  so I  will hopefully be  back  to getting  hobbying  done soon

Until  a proper  update, here are some  views of the paint station, a few WiPs  and some  figures  in need of  basing...


  1. Nice to see you posting again mate.

  2. Congratulations of submitting your thesis - hope you get to enjoy some well deserved hobby time!

  3. Congratulations on getting your thesis done & welcome back to hobby time. :-)