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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

More from the painting desk...

I just thought I'd update folks with some of the stuff I've been working on since getting back from my Holiday trip a fortnight and a bit ago. As usual, they are all awaiting basing, but there is a real mix here this time. I actually finished a few figures for the FoF game on Sunday, which I've since put away so didn't get around to photographing, so you'll have to excuse those. With Danny now deciding to use my BritApoc background, I've been thinking about it a lot more and this has resulted in a few finished figures and lots with just flesh coats done. Additionally,  I'll be going up to visit at the end of the month, and some retro post-apoc gaming is definitely on the menu, so it seems like a good opportunity/inspiration to get some more  figures painted...

Starting the figures off are a few yobbos; one converted from a Foundry skin-head, the other two straight out of the pack from Urban Beat/North Star... I've got a few more of these guys, and I'm hoping to get a couple more finished to make a decent enough gang (or a tleast to give my generic raiders a suitable feel)

I've painted several versions of this (Foundry) figure over the years for different projcts as I think he's cracking... but I've never ended up with an end result that I'm actually happy with. This version isn't perfect, but I can't think what else to do to him. He's just a generic civilian, trying to get by. That said, he is well armed by the setting's levels, so maybe he's of some import in his community, or maybe the captain of the militia.

These 2 Design 28 Policemen have been done as fantasy pieces, to help police the streets of my not-very-specific Central European city for EotD. Again, more to come!

More Wulfen Jager (2 West Wind, 1 Foundry) - ready to help keep the world safe from supernatural nasties. The guy with the crutch will either be fielded as a replacement when a character gets injured, or more likely, just as another club member.

A pair of Cossack Wars Ladies. I've an idea that perhaps a Hetman's wife has been killed (or turned?) by a vampire, and as such he's brought his family west to the mountains in an attempt for revenge (using the Gentleman's club list. Given the number of swords, they might count as Zendarians). The more full bodied lady might be the Wife's maid, whilst the stroppy looking one in red either a rather butch daughter or younger sister of the wife?

The Hetman's children have also joined the struggle (Foundry & Cossack Wars). I may go back and add embroidery to some of these coats to make them look a bit more luxuriant/richer... I'm not sure yet. 

A couple of Oddsies. I'm planning on writing rules for the use of anarchist 'mercenaries' in EotD (alongside boxers, doctors, local guides ,etc - you know the routine from games like Mordhiem, LotOW & Necromunda), so here's a figure to represent one. The lady will probably join a mob, although she might become a faction member - I'm not sure yet. I've tried to paint her as if she is slightly greying, and given her clothes, she may very well have taken up arms to defend her shop from the monsters, or to avenge a lost son/family member. (Design 28 & Foundry) 

A faithful retainer for my Hetman, and a boy who has got his fathers rifle and his grand-dad's hat (mob member - I know the mobs are only 'supposed' to be able to throw stones,  but I'm not sure how accurate this laddie would be anyway!) figures are Foundry & Conquest.

A pair of settlers/Filibusters/goodness-knows-what for my Early West games, painted up in my current enthusiasm for all things Victorian-y... (Foundry)

And finally a scale comparison & sneak peak of what else is to come from my painting desk. from thel eft they are:
TAG, Foundry Victorian, West wind EotD, Foundry Cossack, LAM, West wind GH, Foundry Ripper (on a piece of plastic-card), Design 28's & artizan. I can also say (but alas, not show as they have gone away for my Birthday) that the North Star 1866, Eureka Tyrolean's & Blue Moon Romanians are all of similar sizes to these...   


  1. Great stuff. Like your ideas that you've thought up for the background of your miniatures too. I must take a look at some Cossacks at Foundry

    1. Cheers Simon! The cossacks are currently OOP, but there is a bloke on eBay who lists the 2 old 8 figure packs for £9 a pop, free postage. Next time I notice them, I'll shoot you a link...