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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More from the painting desk

... sadly still all waiting for basing at this stage, although the BritApoc figures have since been done :)

2 survivors (The girl with the SMLE is joining the 'white armband militia', not sure about the geezer with the SLR and beret... possibly a Warlord's retinue) and 2 scavs (the girl in the yellow great coat is a bit more of a hard-core loaner than she in the jumper. I can see jumper girl as more of the 'PR' side of the scavs operation - someone to talk to traders, etc rather than pick through the contaminated ruins... that said, she certainly seems pretty competant with that revolver, so maybe she is ex-police? from L to R; Mongrel, converted Dixons, Warmacre & converted hetzerdog

On the left is a fairly generic fighter. With his cudgel and torn clothes, he could be a poor farmer, scavenger, machine shop worker or raiding yob. 
The Punk next to him is definitely up to no good, and will join a radier gang (my vanilla one, as I doubt the kins will take to kindly to him joining them!). 
The guy in the hat is my first merchant (and entry to my 4th Birthday challenge - better pics will go up once he's based)- Ted. A former pawn-shop owner, this guy did pretty well in the run up to and immediate aftermath of the end. Having a bit of a nack for trading, a reasonable ammount of cash, no scruples or morals and lots of dodgy contacts meant he could get hold of pretty much anything. So in the dark days of the End when everyone else was beating their neighbours over the heads with planks of wood to try to get hold of the last loaf of mouldy bread on the supermarket shelves, Ted was holed up in his office, feet perched on stacks of tinns and smugly smoking cigars whilst armed hoodlums kept the hoy-poloy in line and sold tubs of dog-food at extortionate prices. He's just continued in that line. He now travels about in a motley assortment of vehicles, with a heavily armed bodyguard of thugs. Ted will trade anything - drugs, slaves, guns. 
The guy next to him was one of his contacts -a security van driver, who was drummed out of the army for misconduct and who had a side line in leg-breaking before things all went haywire. He's just the sort of man Ted likes working for him - not too bright, very violent and willing to do anything to anyone. These days he heads up Ted's bodyguard... (he has a Stirling over his shoulder)
L to R; Foundry Victorian, Urban Beat (North Star), Killer Bee, Converted Killer Bee 

Lycaons for my EotD games. The Wolf-lady is a Reaper female werewolf. She's been a fun one to paint up, but looks a lot more wolf-like than the Westwind figures. I think she's likely to end up in a seperaate pack, along with another more wolf-like mate. The wolve are Westind. I'm quite pleased with how their fur turned out - it was an adeptus battle grey base coat, bestial brown wash, drybushed with codex grey & then graveyard earth. The belly fur got an extra highlight with Denhb (or some such) stone, whilst the back got a dry brush of a mix of Adeptus battle-grey/black. The same formula was used on the werewolf too, although with the addition of Tallarn flesh for her hands/paws.
Assorted city types for EotD - a Foundry brawler who will be acting as muscle for a deranged aristocrat (Using the Dark Fire club template, reskinned so that most of the basic members are street toughs/henchmen) , a Foundry Gentleman (who will be joining a 'good' gentleman's club of some sort) a Design 28' Gent who has 'evil' written all over him. He'll be acting as Jack the Ripper in London games, and as a generic club member in my 'German' Dark fire club... 

More EotD figures - this time another wolf for the Lycaons (although this time an Alternative armies model which has been re-purposed from its original duties as a mount for a goblin), and a West Wind Wolfen Jager. I'm trying to keep the Wolfen jagers to quite a neutral pallet,  primarily in an attempt to match the sort of colours that are seen in Victorian era European hunting togs, but also to try to play up the more rural, sober/drab aspects of the faction

The last of the EotD figures for this update - more Foundry cossacks & a TAG priest. These guys will probably join the Hetman on his attempts to avenge his now Vampiric wife.... 

The first 1/48ths I've done in a long time. These guys have been say on my desk for ages, so it's about time I pulled my finger out! They are modern Russian Spetsnatz in Gorka(?) camouflage suits over standard Flora-pattern shirts, etc. Although I had toyed in doing them in a mix of camo schemes, I felt that this might make things confusing if/as/when they are used as advisors for the ChDKZ rebels. I've painted the unit badges black, to make them look like they have been 'sterilised' prior to deployment... not that the NATO forces will have too much difficulty guessing their origins what with the camo, etc...

Another 1/48th - in this case a MVD sniper. I've got a few more MVD figures to do at some stage, and they will be in mixed uniforms (as was often seen in Chechnya, due to having a very tangled series of supply routes). Mostly it will be a mix of the Standard 'flora' green, and the blue city scheme of this guys trousers, although there is another in a winter coat which will be getting the same scheme as this one (not sure what it's called, but it is a 3-tone vertical pattern) just to keep things a bit more ordered... They have the Russian Flag patch on one sleeve, which should help make them stand out from any ChDKZ volunteers they might be supporting.

VDV - these were the 'core' figures that I used for the ChDKZ conversions which I've already shown. They are in Flora cammo, which is used by the VSV although perhaps it is not as distinctive as the 'sun-flower' scheme, but I wanted to keep that for the ChDKZ, as it feels older (having been one of, if not THE, most distinctive soviet schemes) and more likely to be available from second hand sources...

Something of a 1 off at the moment, this guy was really quick to paint. I was hopping that the generic webbing and jacket, russian camo trousers and M16 would give a suitably eclectic feel, reflecting the mixed sources of so much of the equipment in use in africa today. He towers over my 28's, so not much chance of him getting any gaming table action in the foreseeable future... 

And finally, a view of my painting desk - cluttered as usual!


  1. I had some of the HLBS British SAS. Two blisters but I lost them somewhere around the house presumed binned by mistake :( Thats what you get for black box packing.

    The vampire stuff is ace wolves look great. I've started the Lycaon the wolves first so I can have ago at doing the fur. Trying to work outhow i'm going to it yet.

  2. Great looking figures, a right miff-mash!