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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chernarus Slogans & Grafiti

Having seen some of the Russian tanks in Chechnya & South Ossetia covered in grafiti and slogans, I thought I'd get some slogans suitable for my Chernarus games translated into Russian cyrillic (although, I think I may have done some of them into Ukrainian cyrillic...) Expect to see these on various vehicles (and possibly some scenery pieces) in the future... Death to the oppressor! = Деатх то тхе Опрессор! Freedom = Фреедом Sword of Allah: Сворд оф Аллах ChDKZ = ЧДКЗ CDF = ЦДФ NaPa=НаПа CMB (chernarus moslem brotherhood)= ЦМБ Free South zagorian = фрее соутг заґоріа! Down with the rebels = довн вітг тге Ребелс! Unite Chernarus! = Уніте чернарус!

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