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I'm a bit of a butterfly in terms of my attention and sticking to gaming projects long term isn't my strongest point. On the bright side, atleast I flit between the same things. Expect an ecclectic medley of Moderns, Dark Ages, Quar and Early Wild West, almost all in 28mm... (with some 1/48 moderns thrown in... )

Monday, 31 December 2012

Painting update (28mm) - Malaya: Planters, Police and CTs..... Hmmm that alliteration was going so well...

These are the Malayan war bits that I've had chance to do so far - Santa bought CTs & some British squaddies, so they should be turning up in the not too distant future... 

'European' (used as a term to distinguish whites) planters and miners - all the figures are conversions/paint conversions. From the left: repaint of a converted Foundry Darkest Africa figure, converted Foundry Chindit, BTD Partizan, Artizan Agent. Very mixed bag of weapons - certainly a few people had  Brens for personal defence, although I'm not sure if any had Thompsons. Mostly it seems to be a mix of 'Sporting' weapons (shotguns, rifles - including a mention of an elephant gun of some sort, and various hand guns) with the government issuing Stens and later M1 (possibly M2?) carbines. The Pacific Tin Mine (? I cant find the reference to it in "The war of the running dogs") also issued shot-barrelled shotguns as part of an 'emergency' arms supply in the early days of the war.

A slightly mix bag: on the left, an (Artizan) Sikh officer of the Malayan Police Jungle squad, a (Tiger/HLBS)  dog for use with a British army dog team and  a Malayan Special  Policeman, of the fort who would have helped guard planters . The uniform colours are both slightly theoretical, as is the colour of the webbing on Special Policeman. I thought it'd be a good way to differentiate him form a CT.

My 'improvised'  (Pulp figures) CTs... I went for a mix of two colours on the uniform to add to the irregular look of the figures.

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  1. Looking good, Nice mix of manufacturers that work well together, Happy New Year Xander