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Monday, 10 March 2014

(ACQ) Dark Clouds over Urdovnya

With the increasing violence in the surrounding area, and rumours of armed Urdov milita burning a mosque in a town only 20 mmiles away, the chief of police (of the ethnically Shriv town of Klau has decided to take action into his own hands and has begun forming a local defence force to protect the town now that the territorial regiment has been called up. Although he has a few volunteers,  with the territorials gone he only has access to the police forces limited armoury, and the ldf is tragically under armed.

Choosing between two evils, he has called a truce with the local bandit chief (and self proclaimed warlord) and has arranged a meeting to try and trade an amnesty for weapon and men. The Bandit, Ivanko the bloody,  claims to have fought as a jihadist in Chechnya and Bosnia, and is said to have no love for the Russians.  Knowing Ivanko may be tempted to do something silly if things look too one sided, the Police chief has brought along a squad of armed response officers.  

Unfortunately for both of them, a Russian informant has heard about this move, and has arranged for a Spetsnatz team already on the ground in Urdovnya to ' stir the pot'...


The Spetsnatz team are 4 men, rated as Professionals,  armed with: a silenced Ak/one shot AT launcher; 2x AK/GL; and a chap with a shotgun and an AK.


The police all count as Milita. The chief of police has a pistol, and his driver a shotgun.  The armed response officers all wear body armour, and have 1x sniper rifle, 3x assault rifles and 1x Ak/Gl.


Despite all his posturing, Ivanko and his men are all pretty useless.  Ivanko is an independent Rabble quality figure with an Ak. His bodyguard is independent, militia quality, and armed with an Ak.
He has two gangs of men (all rabble quality, one of 6 men and one of 8) armed
with assorted assault rifles or SMGs. One group (8) has an LMG, and the other a disposable AT launcher. There is a 50% chance each gang is drunk when the game starts.


Ivanko, one eye his body guard,  the police chief and his driver are all in the house.  The armed response officers are lounging around by their landrover, one bandit gang is in the house with the other prowling around outside.  The Spetsnatz start at the back of the house, by the corn field. 

The police chief and Ivanko must both escape the board.  The Police are more interested in getting out of dodge as quickly as possible, but the bandits will try to keep the chief 'hostage' to ensure cooperation.  The chief must pass a quality test each turn he is within 12'' of Ivanko to persuade the bandit to let him go.  The Spetsnatz want the police chief dead.  The bandits don't matter.  Minimising casualties is far more important than bodycount...

Game report coming soon!

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