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Friday, 14 March 2014

Book review: Weapons and Uniforms of the USSR (1975)

Something new from the blog - book reviews! 

The first book is 'Weapons and Uniforms 
of the USSR', a history of the world wars special from 1975. The book is about osprey thickness but slightly over A4 size.  It gives a fairly good overview of the recruitment, uniforms and afvs of the Soviet army, circa the late 60s. The plates are ok, although not osprey level they are clear enough. The uniforms have a bad tendency to focus on officers 
and specialist dress uniforms, which is a pity as I feel that they missed a good opportunity. The weapon details are good enough, and most of the vehicle details are a little vague and hypothetical.  E.g. There are descriptions of an unknown vehicle we now know as an MTLB.  This is perhaps the most striking factor of the book - it is very much a product of its time.  The details are slightly lacking and often show a certain degree of paranoia.  If you want a comprehensive detailing of Soviet equipment, then this isn't for you. However,  as an insight into the mind of NATO and its understanding of the Soviet war machine it is very interesting and well worth the couple of pounds it cost me. 

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