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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dust Tactics and HLBS 40mm size comparison

My quest for compatible figures continues - this time using the Dust Tactics 1/48th scale figures. I managed to pick up a single figure from a seller in China.  On reflection, the dynamic pose might not have been the best for a comparison!
The figure is a pretty good size match, although of a more slender build despite the armour and gas mask. When the figure turned up the shotgun was bent, but has straightened out fairly easily as it is a softish plastic.  (The body is sturdier and a lot less flexible). Not sure what I will use him for - a militant probably, with the improvised body armour and gas mask inspired by the Ukrainian Maidan protestors. Tempted by more from the same set,  possibly as some sort of police or paramilitary unit.  Some of the other figures from the range might make good paramilitaries too - although probably not the guys firing water cooled machine guns from the hip!

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  1. Not bad really a little bit smaller width wise but you wouldn't notice unless they where in a line up like this.