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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Combat Miniatures (Ex-Hotspur) size comparison and review

Well, my order just arrived from Stonewall  Figures (http://www.stonewallfigures.co.uk/shop/index.php/page,shop.index2) - I picked up 3 packs from their Combat miniatures:'Urban operations' range - a Old Hotspur miniatures line. These were Anti-Terrorist Squad, Criminals-Terrorists & Plain Clothes Detectives As the pictures on the site aren't the worlds greatest, it was going to be a bit of pot luck, especially given  some of the horror stories I'd heard about the figures being poorly cast.

Well - they aren't up to the same level of casting as Platoon 20, and are a long way off Liberation Miniatures and Under Fire Miniatures. They aren't as bad as some people seem to feel they are either.

There is quite a lot of flash, and a couple of the figures  look like the moulds weren't quite aligned and so there is a slight ridge between halves. But none look too bad, and all the figures should be salvageable without much work.

Sculpting is ok - a little soft on some, quite crisp and detailed on others. In terms of style, it is quite similar to Liberation miniatures.Generally the poses are good, and look pretty natural. The AT squad are bulkier figures than the others, and are of similar build to the 'chunkier' of the Platoon 20 figures.

From the left: Under fire, Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Liberation
From the left: Platoon 20, Liberation, Combat/Hotspur, Combat/Hotspur

The verdict is: Good enough. I'd definitely buy some more of the figures, but I wouldn't make Combat my primary  source. They have some interesting models (e.g. British Infantry in Internal Security gear, riot cops, etc) but if I could get the stuff from Liberation or Platoon 20, I'd probably go to them in preference.

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