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Friday, 21 September 2012

HLBS 36mm/40mm/1:48th catalogue

Richard at HLBS was kind enough to send me a copy of his old catalogue so I could keep track of what I had acquired, and I thought I'd share it with the world at large!

4 figures per pack unless otherwise stated. £6.00 Per Pack.
U.S Army
US1.       Infantry/Airborne/Marines Four man fire team armed with 2 M16A2, S.A.W. M16/M203.
US2.       Infantry/Airborne/Marines as US1
US3        US M60 team 2 figures, lying down firing & advancing £3.50
US4.       Rangers. Caps Four-man patrol armed with 2 M16A2, S.A.W. M16/M203
US5.       Rangers. Buildings Clearance Team MOUT
US6.       Tank Crew
US7.       Special Forces. Four-man patrol team armed with M16A2, CAR 15, and S.A.W. M16/M203
US8        U.S.M.C. Embassy Guards
US9.       Snipers. Four men armed with 2 M21, PSG 1, and M82A1 Barrett .50 Cal.
US10.     Navy SEALS SEAL team 1
US11      Seal Team2 fleece jackets 1 M4, 1 M16/M203. 1 silenced pistol
US13.     10th Mountain. Four man fire team wearing PASGT webbing vests. 2 M16, M16/M203, S.A.W.
US14      US Infantry combat poses, 2 firing M4, 1 firing M16/M203 & 1 reloading M4
US15      AFSOC STS downed pilot rescue team
US16      Delta 2 “Cold desert” outfits
US18      Navy SEALS beach recon SCUBA gear armed with M4 carbines
US18a    Navy SEALS beach recon SCUBA gear armed with MP5’s
US20.     160th Special Operations Aviation battalion (Night Stalkers)
US21.     Light infantry with cross-country motorbikes. 2 figures 2 bikes
US22.     Light infantry riding cross-country motorbikes.
US23.     Rangers MOUT with cross-country motorbikes.
US24.     Rangers MOUT riding cross-country motorbikes.

BR1.       Infantry in Smocks, Four Man half section armed with 3 SA80, 1 LSW.
BR2.       Infantry Combat jackets, Four-man half section armed as BR1.
BR3        Infantry in combat 2 firing SA80, 1 reloading SA80 & 1 advancing with LSW
BR4.       1 Para. Four man patrol with 3 SA80, 1 LSW
BR5        CVR (T) Tank crew, 2 ¾ figures, 1 full figure w/ jerry can, 1 ½ figure driver. 5 separate heads
BR6.       SBS Four man Patrol team, armed with L85A1Sniper rifle, M16/M203, S.A.W. M16A2
BR7.       SAS Four man patrol, armed with M16, CAR 15, M16/M203, and S.A.W.
BR8.       SAS. Desert. Bare headed
BR8a     SAS . Desert Arab headdress.
BR9.       SAS. Anti Terrorist. Ski Masks.
BR10     SAS. Anti Terrorist. Gas Masks.
BR11     Gurkha Recce.  M16A2, 3 with CAR15.
BR12     Snipers 4 man team in Ghillie suits 2 with L96              £6.50
BR13     SBS with Kayak 2 half figures rowing, 1 waterline Klepper canoe. 4 Equipment panniers.
BR14     SAS Landrover crew.  Temperate dress. 3 seated figures. 
BR15     SAS Landrover crew. Desert. In Arab head dress.
BR16     Mountain & Arctic cadre
BR17     Gimpy team 2 figures 1 firing 1 advancing                    £3.50
BR19     SBS 2 cold weather/ high altitudes 4 figures in a variety of cold weather gear.
BR20     SBS with Kayak II. 2 half figures 1 rowing, 1 with MP5SD6, 1 Waterline Kayak. 4 Equipment panniers
BR26     Infantry with cross-country motorbikes
BR27     Infantry riding cross-country motorbikes
BR28     SAS with cross-country motorbikes
BR29     SAS riding cross-country motorbikes
BR30     SAS (desert) with cross-country motorbikes
BR31     SAS (desert) riding cross-country motorbikes
BR32     Gurkha Recce command M16A2, Sterling S.M.G. SA80 & LSW
RU1        Motor Rifle troops
RU3        VDV airborne
RU4        VDV airborne Cold weather gear with 1 AK74, 1 AK74 W/Grenade Launcher,
1 Dragunov SVD, 1 RPK 74 MG
RU5        Spetsnaz
RU6        Spetsnaz, Grozny 2 AK74 W/Grenade launcher, 1 Pump action shotgun, and 1 silenced AKR
RU7        NVD Interior Ministry troops Grozny 2 AK74, 1 AK74 w/ Grenade launcher, and 1 PKM MG
RU8        Naval Infantry
 RU9        NVD/ Spetsnaz, Anti-blast helmets 2 AK74, 1 AK74 W/ Grenade launcher,
1 BA 9mm silenced sniping rifle
RU10     Spetsnaz cold weather gear
RU13     Tank crew
RU18     VDV Rescue

PO1        18th Air Assault Battalion

FR1        Infantry/Foreign Legion 3x FAMAS, 1x SAW
FR2        Infantry/Foreign Legion 3x FAMAS, 1x SAW
FR3        Les Paras 1st RPIMa
FR4        Les Paras 1st RPIMa
FR8        Snipers                                                   £6.50
FR9        13th RDG                                               £7.00
FR10      Resco. Airborne rescue team
FR11      Infantry with L.M.G.s

GE1        Kampfschwimmer (combat diver) Recce .     MP5A5x2, PSG1, H&K 13.

TA1        Soldiers/ Militia.   1x AK74, 1x AKS, 1x Dragunov, 1MG3       
TA2        Soldiers/ Militia    1x G3, 1xAK74, 2xAK74 W/ Grenade launcher.
TA3        Soldiers/ Militia with RPG
TA4        120mm mortar and crew (2)
TA5        12.7mm MG and crew (2)

Central European militia/troops
CM1       Guards
CM2       Patrolling
CM3       Guards with dogs.
CM5       Sleeping & resting 3 figures with a sofa & armchair.
CM8       Guards keeping warm
CM10    Officers in conversation 3 figures with table.
CM11    Guards with L.M.G.’s
CM12    Guards with R.P.G.
CM13    Militia Special Forces.
CM14    120mm mortar and crew (2)
CM15    12.7mm MG and crew (2)

African troops
AF1        African Regulars
AF2        African Irregulars
AF3        Mercenaries
AF4        Boy soldiers
AF5        African Regulars II
AF6        African Irregulars II
AF7        African Command
AF8        120mm mortar and crew (2)
AF9        12.7mm MG and crew (2)

Urban Guerrillas
UG1        European designer Guerrillas
UG2        Militants in ski masks
UG3        Middle Eastern Guerrillas
UG4        Middle Eastern Guerrillas II

Law Enforcement
LE1        US Cops
LE2        Undercover cops or armed perps
LE3        US security and VIP

Accessories £4.95 per pack unless otherwise stated
AC1        2 Full hull Klepper canoes
AC2        4 Motorbikes
AC11     15 British Bergen rucksacks             
AC12     15 US ALICE packs 5 Medium combat, 5 large combat, and 5 large field pack
AC13     10 SAS Bergans

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