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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Elhiem Miniatures Figure Review & Scale comparison

Matt at Elhiem (http://www.elhiemfigures.com/) kindly sent me some sample figures from his cold war ranges so I could see how they match up with everything else - in this case a Soviet RPG operator in body armour, and a BAOR CG trooper. 

The figures look good - mould lines are minimal, there's no flash and casting is crisp. The sculpting standard is very high - the equipment is all distinct, but kept to realistic proportions, and the poses look very natural.

In terms of how they compare size wise, they are a little taller than Platoon 20, Liberation & Combat, but still a fair bit shorter than Under fire. The picture below shows the height of 'standing' figures (I foolishly forgot to include a Liberation model in this, but they will be the same size as P20...)

From the left: Combat/Hotspur, Platoon 20, Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Elhiem, Under Fire

From the Left: Platoon 20, Combat/Hotspur, Elhiem
So there is a slight height variation between 'upright' figures, but if the figures are moving, hunched down (below) the variation is a lot less noticeable... 

From the left: Platoon 20, Elhiem, Liberation, Combat/Hotspur
The major 'give-away' therefore will be in terms of the size of the figures equipment (Ooo-eer!) - RPG-7's & CGs. Unfortunately I can only give comparisons with Platoon 20 in this respect, are the differences are varied. The warhead on the P20 RPG is significantly smaller, but the body of the launcher looks to be about the same size. The Carl Gustavs are about the same length, but the Elhiem version is a little finer...

So.... The verdict. Lovely figures, and they mix relatively well with the others - but not so well I could mix them in squads (and possibly not in platoons...). Definitely looking to get some more in the future, but maybe not masses...


  1. I think they are the best of the bunch to be honest. I don't think you would notice the size difference not a tabletop level any how

  2. You may well be right Simon - certainly the sculpting is better than most of the others I've got so far, my only 'complaint' is that they have a fairly small range especially of BAOR. Mind you, they still have the best range of Bundeswher & other Nato types, as well as NBC kit....