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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

More Platoon 20 figures - a continuation of my review...

So, my next batch of Platoon 20 figures arrived - British packs (P-b)1, 6 & 6a; and Soviet packs (M-SM) 1, 2, 3, 5 & 8  - enough to make a section of British Marines/Paras with GPMG & CG, as well as having a guy with a blow-pipe, and officer, radio op & NCO in beret left over; who will form the nucleus of my infantry; and 2 sections of Soviet Motor rifles (either BTR-80 or BMP1/2 mounted) with between 7-9 men, 1x RPG-7, 1x RPK & 1x PKM, a platoon HQ and the beginnings of a 3rd section.

Actually, that's a bit of a lie. In the packs, the MG pack has 1x RPK, 1x PKM & 2x RPD. At the moment the RPDs are standing in for both an RPK and a PKM, but these will be balanced out when I put in an order to Liberation at some point. To meet the orbats in the various Cold War Gone Hot scenarios, I'll also need to get a couple of guys with SVDs, and  a few with AK/UGL combinations (I've got one so far).

Generally speaking, the castings are still fairly good to good - a few have more mould lines/more flash than others, and the occasional figure has slight 'metal fluff' around then end of their rifle (this mainly seenm to effects the Soviets)'. My main comment is that whilst the rest of the figures live up very well to comparison with my 'taster' figures, the British command  (P-B1) are noticeably poorer than other figures -the models are shorter, have less defined detail and are not as clean castings. The photo shows 2 of them (guys in sand base coat) alongside 2 figures from P-B6. The standing command figure is actually mounted on a slice of credit card to brig him up to height!

The figures take paint readily enough, here are some I finished today - the blowpipe operator is from P-b6a, whilst the other two are from P-B1

As I say, definitely not dreadful, just not as nice as some of their others. If it turns out the rest of the Platoon 20 squaddies are of this quality, then I might well focus on the like of Britannia & Liberation to fill out numbers; but it certainly won't put me off getting things from them which other manufacturers don't make (Wombats!). I'm going to finish with a gratuitous close-up of my soviet platoon commanders, just to show how nice the figures are!


  1. Nice work sir. really like the British camo worked out well

    1. Thanks Simon - I must admit, it looks pretty scruffy until the black bits and webbing is added. Still, the finish article looks about right :)